Case Studies

  • Case Study – Point of SalesCase Study – Point of Sales The Company Acme Inc (this name is made up due to confidentiality) sells mobile phones and accessories over more than 50 retail branches all over the South East Asia. The management of the company is based in Hong Kong though. The daily POS orders could reach 5,000. The company [...]Tags: Hong Kong, OpenERP Case Study, OSCG Case Study, Philippine, Point of Sales
  • Case Study – GET WorldwideCase Study – G.E.T. Worldwide Limited The Company GET provides customized and comprehensive CNG business solutions to its customers (government bodies, industrial and refueling companies) that include innovative system design, key equipment manufacturing, technical support and management consultancy. The Challenge The company has been running for nearly two years and faced its first Accounting Audit [...]Tags: GET, Green Technology, Hong Kong, OpenERP, OSCG