Configuration is the base for a useable ERP system. We provide comprehensive configuration services to make sure that the ERP system fit your company daily operation.

Data Migration

Data migration is a pain for many companies when they want to use a new system. However, by using Odoo (Formerly OpenERP), there are multiple ways to migrate the data from your existing system or files to the system.

Product Master, Partner Master, Chart of Account, Bill of Material, Users and etc…

Access Right Control

Grant different access rights to different users are very important to the company’s security and integrity.

Data Backup and Security

We have different methods to make sure that the Availability and the Security of the Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) system will not be compromised.

Parameters and System Settings

ERP system is a very complicated IT system. There are hundreds of parameters and settings to be fine tuned in the early stage of the project as well as continuous adjustment during the project phase. It is very critical to make sure they are correctly set before the system goes production.

Sequences, Locations, Warehouses, Pricelist Structures and etc…