The Most User Friendly POS ERP

- Support Touch Screen Device

- Support Barcode Reader

- Multiple Payment Method

- Real Time Transaction Monitoring

- Real Time Stock Level Management

- Integration with Warehouse, Purchasing and Accounting

- One System, Unlimited Terminals


A Modern, Integrated and Clean Point of Sales Solution

Odoo’s (Formerly OpenERP) Point of Sale introduces a super clean interface with no installation required that runs online and offline on modern hardwares. It’s full integration with the company inventory and accounting, gives you real time statistics and consolidations amongst all shops without the hassle of integrating several applications.


Work with the hardware you already have

Our POS system can easily work with any simple device that you already have

  • A netbook/PC/notebook
  • A touchscreen/ipad
  • A USB barcode reader
  • A Digital Scale
  • A Printer

The hardware required is solely your choice and you will use the most flexible and integreated POS.

Offline Mode Guarantees Accuracy

The POS front end can work completely offline while an online start is required (to get all the fresh data from the centralized server). All the orders will be automatically synced back once the system detects that you are online again.

Offline Mode

Integrated Inventory Management

Consolidate all your sales channel in real time: stores, ecommerce, sales teams. Get real time control of the inventory and accurate forecasts to manage procurements.

A full warehouse management system at your fingertips: get information about products availabilities, trigger procurement requests, etc.

Deliver in-store customer services

Give your shopper a strong experience by integrating in-store customer services. Handle reparations, track warantees, follow customer claims, plan delivery orders, etc.

  • Warranty
  • Repairs
  • Invoice
  • Deliveries

Control your CASH

Produce customer invoices in just a few clicks. Control sales and cash in real time and use Odoo’s (Formerly OpenERP) powerful reporting to make smarter decisions to improve your store’s efficiency.

No more hassle of having to integrate softwares: get all your sales and inventory operations automatically posted in your G/L.

Integrate all your sales channels

Successful brands integrates all their customer relationship accross all their channels to develop accurate customer profile and communicate with shoppers as they make buying decisions, in store or online.

With Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) and OSCG POS ERP experience, you get a 360° customer view, including cross-channel sales, interaction history, profiles, and more.

customer information

Typical Problems in POS ERP

Conventional POS system is quite standalone as it simply processes the front end orders and leave all the back office operation no where.

POS system is usually bundled with hardware and thus quite ‘kidnapped’ by the single vendor

There are many different third party devices to be connected the POS system and it costs a lot of time and money

POS back office usually runs a separate system to manage the stock and accounting which is time consuming and mistake generator

Lack of real time sales report, stock report or financial report

It is hard to integrate other sales channels business into POS system and again another system is typically required

Online POS system is easily dropping orders or duplicating orders when dealing with Offline situation

Lack of centralized database to control the product master, pricing ans stock level

POS business needs a very rigorous cash control especially for the remote branches and large scale of retail business


The Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) POS solution is suitable for the scale from single point of sales to more than one thousand terminals. OSCG has managed to optimize and implement the Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) POS with front end and back end to real customers that fully utilize the capabilities of Odoo (Formerly OpenERP).

Feature Type Major Functions Highlights
System Level
  • Cloud Solution is available
  • Scalable System Design to fulfill the future growth
  • Enhanced offline design
  • Multiple Platform, PC, iPad, Laptop, Android Pad…
  • Touchscreen or Mouse free operation
  • Fast deployment
  • Extensive modules available
  • No missing or duplicated order in the back end
  • Largely increase the human efficiency
Order Management
  • Multiple Shop
  • Order Queue
  • Manage Return Products
  • Multiple Payment Method
  • Synchronize product/price information to each branch
  • Real time order synchronization to back end
  • and etc…
  • Guaranteed no loss of orders
  • High performance order processing
  • High level of workflow automation
  • High level of real time monitoring
Cash Management
  • Comprehensive cash control mechanism
  • Real time cash in/out, sales, returns and cash on hand checking
  • Automatic deposit from cash to bank
  • Strict control of front end user’s control of the cash box
  • and etc…
  • Dramatically reduce human error
  • Dramatically reduce man power in the back office to calculate the cash on hand and bank deposit
  • Prevent human misbehavior
Multiple Devices
  • USB connected Barcode Reader
  • Digital Scale/Weigh
  • Bank POS Machine
  • Printers
  • Cash Box
  • and etc…
  • Reduce your hardware cost, work with the simplest devices
  • No bundle with single Hardware and Software vendor
Integration with other ERP modules
  • The POS is designed based on the complete ERP workflow
  • All the POS orders result in automatic book keeping and stock management
  • Purchase management is deployed to manage the incoming products
  • Other sales order can be issued directly from the Sales Management Modules
  • Pricelist management
  • Automatic cost calculation
  • Accounting integration
  • Various Reporting function
  • and etc…
  • No data double entry ever
  • One-stop solution for the entire enterprise
  • Adopt the ERP level management to increase the company’s reputation and operation levels
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