Why Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)

Some may look at the Business Application market as a mature market dominated by a few large key players, with no new business opportunities, but this would be ignoring the market reality.

So many customers are frustrated with their experience with existing vendors. So many companies around the world need to have access to business applications but cannot afford them.

At Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) we believe that business applications should not be a luxury. That any company, in any country, should be able to afford the best tools to expand their businesses professionally. In order to do so, we need to break the existing rules of the ERPs and the Business Applications market.

Customers should spend their budget wisely: We believe that customers should use their budget wisely and invest in customizing the application to their specific needs, rather than paying expensive license fees. Open Source allows this. Open source is a disruptive model because it creates more value for the customers.

Software is recyclable: For decades customers have developed applications which remained specific to their own needs and in the end proved extremely expensive to maintain. Open Source means that customers can benefit from past developments of other companies. Also by contributing to the evolution of the software, the users will enjoy the guarantee that their development will be included in future versions of the software.

Levering from the Web: Most ERP and Business Applications vendors do not leverage the benefits of Web. At Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) we believe that the fact we entered this market recently is an asset. We can build a new breed of business applications, more modular, more customer friendly, fully web based, that others can’t, due to the heritage of their legacy systems.

Engaging with customers differently: Open source also allows us to engage with our customers differently. Since there is no licensing cost, any potential customer can download the software, test it and use it if it meets their needs. We have no need for an expensive sales force to promote the product. We just need to make the best product and make it available to customers

At Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) we believe that we can break many barriers in this industry. We make our software available to many companies who could otherwise not afford to pay for expensive business applications license fees. We allow customers to use their money smartly and tailor the software to their individual needs. We leverage from our customer base to enrich the software and finally we eradicate any lock-in to allow our customer to use and even drop our software freely.

Key Differentiators:

  • Price performance ratio : 40% to 60% than traditional competitors
  • Ability to start with one business application and expand
  • Flexibility to customize workflows directly in the application
  • Ability to depoly on site or out of the cloud
  • New generation ERP solution